Characteristics of Fine Wires

  • Optimal Surface Quality
  • Tailored Mechanical Characteristics for Specific Applications
  • Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

SS Fine Wire Grades

AISI 304(L) 316 (L) 316 Ti, 310, 314, 321 etc.

Stainless Steel Fine Wires Overview: Uncovering the Mysteries of SS Fine Wire 

Stainless Steel Fine Wires are an essential element in many industries. Stainless Steel is the prominent raw material for these wires. Stainless Steel equips them with many properties. It renders them useful for various applications across industries. 

There are many manufacturers of Stainless Steel Fine Wires in India. Ambica Steels India Limited takes the lead among them. It has established itself as one of the key players in the fine wire manufacturing sector in India. 

Let’s explore more about these wires. 

What is SS Fine Wire? 

SS fine wires are thin, durable, non-corrosive wires made from stainless steel. The alloys of iron, chromium, nickel, and other elements are the main components of these wires. Hence, these wires are tough and resistant to rust and staining. 

These wires are also known as fine wires because the diameter of the wire is thin. It makes them applicable for different applications across industries such as electronics. 

Stainless Steel Fine Wire in India

Stainless steel fine wire demands have increased significantly in India. Market leader Ambica Steels India Limited has a strong presence in the market. They contribute to the production of good SS fine wires. These wires find their use in different sectors. Some of them include construction, automotive, healthcare, etc. 

Ambica Steels India Limited – Fine Wire Manufacturers in India 

Ambica Steels India Limited is a prominent producer of fine wires in India. They have established themselves as a reliable supplier of these wires. Their strengths are devotion to quality and innovative manufacturing techniques. The company has sophisticated manufacturing processes. They deliver stainless steel fine wires that meet high standards.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Fine Wire 

  1. Durability and Strength: Many industries use fine wires manufactured in stainless steel as their primary material. SS fine wires provide the necessary toughness for resilient projects.
  1. Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel is a well-known corrosion-resistant material. So, SS fine wires can withstand brutal weather conditions. They are great for outdoor or marine use.
  1. Versatility: These thin wires are very flexible. Their softness allows them to take on different forms. They can mould into many complex shapes for a variety of needs. They find their use in various sectors. They find their prominent use in electronics and healthcare devices.
  1. Aesthetic Appeal: These also feature a beautiful finish. It makes these wires suitable for architectural design. They also find their use in applications where an attractive look is needed.
  1. Hygienic Properties: Stainless steel fine wire possesses hygienic characteristics. The industries like healthcare, food processing, and others can benefit greatly from them.
  1. Temperature Resistance: They can withstand a range of temperatures. Hence, SS fine wires are apt for harsh environmental conditions.


Stainless steel fine wires are durable, corrosion-resistant, and versatile. They find their use in different industries because of these features. Ambica Steels India Limited is a major manufacturer of high-quality fine wire. The role of stainless steel fine wire in re-forming the modern world is vital as industries continue to innovate.

Diameter (mm)Tolerance (mm)Tensile (N/mm2)Packaging and Spool type
0.150-0.250+/- 0.004850 Max
DIN 125/160/200/US200(NS100)/NS5
0.260-0.400+/- 0.005830 Max
DIN 200/250/US200(NS100)/US250/PT15/PT25
0.410-0.630+/- 0.007800 Max
DIN 250/US 250/ DIN355
0.635-0.800+/- 0.009780 Max
DIN 355/Pay-Pack Drums/Coil
Please check with us specifications not listed above
Fine Wire-ambica steels india ltd
Diameter(mm)SpoolsSpool wt (kg)Wire Wt. Max (Kgs)Spool Dimension (mm)
0.100-0.200DIN 125
0.100-0.250DIN 160
0.150-0.400DIN 200
0.250-0.630DIN 2501.0022.0025016022160200
0.410-0.800DIN 3552.0045.0035522436160200
0.150-0.400NS10/ US2000.7014.0020011532152187
0.250-0.630US 2501.0022.0025016032160200
Pls check with us for specifications not listed above
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