Characteristics of Grape Wire for Vineyards

  • Grape Wire boasts a dazzling bright surface
  • It outshines galvanized wire with its remarkable heavy breaking load capacity
  • Available with ¼ hard or ½ hard temper cold drawn finish, Grape Wire ensures durability
  • Packaging options include fixed weights of 25 kgs or spools tailored to your needs.


AISI 304, 304L, 204 Cu, 430L etc.

Understanding the Marvels of Stainless Steel vineyard Wires: An Overview 

Stainless steel vineyard wires are now crucial for growing grapes in modern vineyards. They have transformed viticulture. The wires are made from strong stainless steel alloys, which makes them stable and durable. Stainless steel is a superior choice for vineyard trellising because it doesn’t rust or decay. These wires are naturally strong so that they can support the weight of grape vines and clusters. It is perfect for growing healthy vines and lots of grapes. Stainless steel is reliable in vineyards because it can withstand extreme weather changes. Viticulturists use stainless steel to make vineyard wires because it has many benefits. It is why more people are choosing stainless steel vineyard wires for their grapevines. It makes the grapevines strong and durable. 

What is Stainless Steel Vineyard Wire? 

SS Vineyard Wire is a strong and rust-resistant wire used in vineyards. These wires are constructed from top-notch stainless steel, guaranteeing their robustness and longevity. Stainless steel makes the wire strong for vineyards. It helps in withstanding rain and changing temperatures. 

Stainless Steel Vineyard Wire in India 

Notable providers have emerged in India to meet the need for reliable vinery wire. Ambica Steels India Limited is a major participant in the production of vinery wire. Ambica Steels is a leading vinery wire manufacturer in India. They are dedicated to producing high-quality wires that meet strict vinery specifications. 

Overview of Vineyard Wire Manufacturing: Ambica Steels India Limited 

Ambica Steels India Limited specializes in producing vineyard wires of superior quality. The company uses advanced manufacturing techniques. It guarantees that their wires are dependable. The wires support vineyards and increase farming productivity. The firm’s commitment to excellence has made it a respected brand in the sector.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Vineyard Wire 

  1. Resistance to Corrosion: Stainless Steel Vineyard Wire doesn’t rust easily, which is a big advantage. These wires are designed to handle moisture and various environments. They last longer than regular wire materials.
  1. Enduring Quality: The unmatched enduring quality of SS Vineyard Wire is evidently distinct. It can handle the pressure from vines growing and being moved in vineyards. This strong character lasts a long time, so you don’t have to replace it often.
  1. Flexible: Stainless steel supplies an ideal equilibrium of robustness and elasticity. In vineyards, cables support growing vines. They also offer flexibility for plant movements.
  1. Requiring Little Attention: The SS Vineyard wires are easy to maintain and save time and resources. It is a noteworthy plus for vintners and agriculturists.
  1. Sanitation and safety: Stainless steel boasts optimal sanitation and safety when employed for agricultural purposes. This selection is ecologically sound. It does not pollute the soil or affect the harvest’s nutritional quality.


Ambica Steels India Limited’s Stainless Steel Vineyard Wires are important for modern farming. Farmers can rely on these tools because they are durable, don’t corrode, and need little maintenance. SS Vineyard Wires are essential for growing vineyards in India and beyond. The demand for these high-quality agricultural materials is increasing.

Diameter (mm)GradeToleranceTensile (N/mm2)Packaging
1.00AISI 304, 304L, 201, 204Cu+/-0.0101450-155025 kg coils/ SD 300 Spool (15kg)
0.80+/-0.010750 Max