Characteristics of Redraw Wire

  • Smooth, non-reflective finish
  • Flexible wire perfect for intricate diameter drawing
  • Drums or carriers with substantial coil weights to reduce changeovers


AISI 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 314, 321, 430L etc.

Stainless steel REDRAW wire is a vital element in different industries. Their importance and usability are increasing with time. 

In this article, we will discuss SS REDRAW Wire. We will also explore its uses and its advantages. We will explore one of its prime manufacturers – Ambica Steel India Limited

What is SS REDRAW Wire? 

SS REDRAW Wire or stainless steel REDRAW wire is a stainless steel wire. They are known for their various properties. Their design meets specified needs in various industrial applications. We can find their use in welding processes. The REDRAW process is what creates SS REDRAW Wires. In this process, the wire is pulled through a die. It reduces its diameter and enhances its mechanical properties. 

Stainless Steel REDRAW Wire in India. 

India’s demand for high-quality stainless steel products such as REDRAW wires is increasing. Ambica Steels India Limited is a producer of Stainless Steel REDRAW wires in India. They adhere to consistency and attention to detail. It has made them one of the most trusted companies in the field. 

SS REDRAW Wire Manufacturing Process 

SS REDRAW wires are manufactured via several crucial operations. The process starts with the selection of high-grade stainless steel raw materials. Ambica Steels India Limited is a leading producer in India. They use high-quality stainless steel for manufacturing. 

The first step is to select stainless steel as the raw material. Next, the wire goes through heat treatment and wire drawing. The wires are pulled through many dies to make it thinner and sturdy. It leads to wire that is stronger, tougher, and corrosion-resistant. 

Stainless Steel REDRAW Wire Applications 

Stainless steel wire is a valuable material in manufacturing for many applications. Among these, the major applications are in welding processes. The REDRAW process improves the properties, making welds sturdier and more durable. 

Manufacturers use REDRAW wires to make strong springs and bolts. These wires are used in the construction and automotive industries.

Benefits of Stainless Steel REDRAW Wire 

The use of Stainless Steel REDRAW Wire offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Strength: REDRAW improves the tensile strength of the wire. They can serve in cases where more strength is necessary.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant material. The REDRAW process further enhances the resistance. It makes it possible for the wire to withstand adverse circumstances.
  • Ductility: Although stronger, SS REDRAW wire retains flexibility for many applications.
  • Welding Performance: They provide stable and dependable welds during fabrication and construction.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Stainless steel REDRAW wire is versatile. They find their application in many sectors. It includes several products and structures in various manufacturing and construction sectors. 


Stainless Steel Redraw Wires are sturdy and rust-free. They are crucial for the many manufacturing and construction industries. Ambica Steels India Limited is a leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel REDRAW Wires in India. It has made many contributions to the growth of industries in the country. The use of Stainless Steel REDRAW Wire offers many benefits. It has its applications in various fields.

Diameter (mm)Grade (AISI)Tolerance (mm)Tensile (N/mm2)Packing
0.60 - 2.00300 Series+/-0.015650-800Coils/ Pay-pack Drums
2.01 & above+/-0.020600-750Coils/ Pattern laid Coils
0.60 - 2.00400 Series+/-0.015500-650Coils/ Pay-pack Drums
2.01 & above+/-0.020450-600Coils/ Pattern laid Coils
Please check with us for specifications not listed above