Characteristics of Free Cutting Wire

  • Gleaming, sleek surface
  • Incorporation of “sulphur” to enhance machinability
  • Optimal Straightness and Precision Cutting


AISI 303, 416, 430 F etc.

Understanding Stainless Steel Free Cutting Wires: A Comprehensive Overview 


SS free-cutting wire is also known as stainless steel free-cutting wire. They are used for various applications in the manufacturing industry. These wires are among the critical components utilized during the manufacturing process. They offer flexibility and speed in various processes. 

This article explores SS free-cutting wire. We will also discuss their applications and advantages in the Indian market. It also focuses on Ambica Steel India Limits, a market leader in producing these wires. 

It brings us to the question, what is SS free cutting wire? 

SS Free Cutting Wire is stainless steel wire, which is particularly machinable. The material undergoes a special manufacturing process to improve its machinability. It can maintain weldability while machining it into any necessary shape. 

Stainless Steel Free-Cutting Wire in India 

The demand for high-quality stainless steel is growing in India. SS-free cutting wire is a good fit for this demand. Ambica Steels India Limited is the top manufacturer of FCW among all other players. They are very particular about quality. They serve many industries in different parts of the country. 

Manufacturing Process 

Stainless steel free-cutting wire production is a regulated process. The modern technologies at Ambica Steels India limit guarantee the best quality. When selecting the raw materials used in manufacturing, they do it with precision. This process involves drawing, annealing, as well as any treatment for machinability.

Advantages of Stainless Steel free cutting wire 

  1. Enhanced Machinability: SS Free Cutting Wire has greater machine ability as its main advantage. It enables rapid machining processes, which increases production speed and efficiency. It, thus, slashes associated costs.
  1. Precision in Manufacturing: Free-cutting wires are most applicable to industries requiring precision and complex structural design. Some of these industries include automotive and electronics-tight tolerance ability, so it produces high-quality parts.
  1. Cost-Effective: Manufacturers make huge gains in efficiency using Free Cutting Wires. They also save on production costs. It leads to reduced machining time as well as lowered tool wear. It makes the whole production process cheaper.
  1. Versatility in Applications: Stainless Steel Free-Cutting Wire finds its use across several industries. Some of these are automotive, aerospace, electrical, electronics, and more. Owing to its flexibility, it is one of the first choices for manufacturers.

Ambica Steels: India’s first free-cutting wires pioneer 

Ambica Steels India Limited is a leading producer of Free Cutting Wires. They are very reliable and innovative in their approach. The Company provides high-performance stainless steel products to different industries. The Company produces free-cutting wires in its high-tech production facilities. They have competent professional employees. Ambica Steels India Limited manufactures high-quality products. They play an important role in the development of the Indian manufacturing industry. 


Stainless Steel Cutting Wires are more machinable and flexible. They are very important for today’s engineering operations. In India, Ambica Steels India Limited is among the major players. They fuel the development and effectiveness of many industrial sectors in India. SS-free cutting wire becomes essential with increasing demand for stainless steel products. These wires are precise, efficient, and cost-effective for manufacturers across India. Ambica Steels India Limited retains its position among the leading vendors in India.

Diameter (mm)Grade (AISI)ToleranceTensile (N/mm2)Packing
1.60-3.00303DIN h9700-850Coils/ Pattern laid coils
3.01 & above650-800Coils/ Cut length to order
1.60- 3.00416, 430FDIN h9600-750Coils/ Pattern laid coils
3.01 & above550-700Coils/ Cut length to order
Please check with us the specifications not listed above