Characteristics of Spring Wire

  • Uniform Tensile Strength
  • Shiny Surface with Stearate or Soap Coating
  • Regulated Casting and Helix

GradesAISI 302, 304, 316, 17 7 PH Etc.

Stainless Steel SPRING Wires: A Comprehensive Overview 

SS SPRING Wires are short form for Stainless steel spring wires. These wires offer support to many industries by adding strength to different activities. Let us discuss stainless steel spring wires, their uses, and their advantages. 

What is SS SPRING Wire? 

Stainless Steel Spring Wires are corrosion-resistant and durable wires. The main element of these wires is stainless steel. These wires find their use in applications requiring toughness and flexibility. One of the use cases of these wires is the production of springs. 

Stainless Steel SPRING Wire Overview 

Different grades of stainless steel spring wires have their unique features. They find their applications in varied fields. The manufacturing of these wires involves thorough draw-through of stainless steel on dies. It allows them to reach the prescribed dimensions of thickness. There are continuous improvements to improve its mechanical properties. It makes them better for use in springs. 

SS Spring wire in India. 

There is a high demand in India for high-quality Stainless Steel Spring Wires. In India, Ambica Steels India Limited produces high-grade Stainless Steel Spring wires. These wires have high quality and precision. They are dependable providers of tough SS Spring Wires in India. 

Ambica Steel India Limited – Spring Wire Manufacturers. 

Ambica Steels India Limited is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel wires. They are prominent for the quality produce of spring wires in India. They have extensive experience designing world-class stainless steel wires suitable for making springs. They have now emerged as a reliable brand in the Indian marketplace. Ambica Steel India Limited Spring Wires have modern facilities and operations. It is the main reason for companies selecting them as their first choice.

Why choose stainless steel spring wire? 

  1. Corrosion Resistance: Some of the benefits of Stainless steel Spring wires include corrosion resistance. So, they are appropriate for use in different areas. They are apt for applications involving high-humid or corrosion conditions.
  1. High Strength: The strength of stainless steel is well-known. Wires Sprung out of this material have these traits as well. These wires are also strong enough to sustain considerable weight and offer support.
  1. Durability: Stainless steel Spring wires last a long time, so you don’t have to replace or repair them as often. As a result, they are affordable for sectors requiring durable and efficient systems.
  1. Temperature Resistance: The wires are suitable for use in cases where heat or extreme cold temperature is prevalent. Its flexibility makes it adaptable in different fields of business.
  1. Versatility in Applications: Many industries use Stainless Steel Spring Wires for various purposes. These include automotive industries, industrial machinery as well as others. The reason behind their extensive usage is that they are durable yet flexible.
  1. Quality Assurance: Ambica Steel India Limited produces high-quality spring wire. Compliance with rigorous production norms confirms that each wire complies with established parameters.


Ambica Steels India Limited stainless steel spring wires provide dependable and lasting solutions. They manufacture good quality Stainless Steel Spring Wires. These wires have various advantages over others. They are corrosion resistant, have high strength, longevity, temperature resistance, and all-round applications. The demand for rugged and durable materials in India is rising. Indian industries can expect stainless steel spring wires to play a role in their future.

Diameter (mm)Grade (AISI)Tolerance (mm)TensilePackagingSurface Finish
302,304,316, 17.7 PH+/- 0.006ASTM A313/ JIS G4314 / EN 10270-3 / IS 4454DIN 125 /DIN160/ 200/250/ US 250Bright, Light oil
0.31-1.00+/- 0.008DIN 200/ 250/ Coils/ SH460K /390K
0.45-0.60+/- 0.010( DIN 355/ SH390K/ SH460K/ 20"/ 22"/ 30"/ Metal Reels Coils )Soap/ Stearate Coated
0.61-1.60+/- 0.015
1.61-3.00+/- 0.020
3.01 & Above+/- 0.025Coils